Monday, May 19, 2014

Can Someone Help This Man?!

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Is it mathematically possible for a starting pitcher to have a miniscule ERA of 1.62 and be 0-4 with 5 no-decisions? In other words, have the second lowest ERA in the National League and somehow be winless in 9 starts?

The answer is a big fat-- YES!

That is the plight of Chicago Cubs starter Jeff Samardzija. Talk about NO HELP from your offense! Samardzija has pitch extremely well in all of his 9 starts and somehow the Cubs have managed to lose 8 out of the 9 games. In fact, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, his ERA is the lowest in major-league history for a pitcher who is winless in his first 9 starts.  Well at least since the ERA became a stat in 1913. Unbelievable!

Shame on the 106-year title-less Cubs!!!! I can't for the life of me figure this one out!

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