Friday, February 21, 2014

The Evolution Of Mike Trout

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There have been very few players in the history of major league baseball who outplayed as well at such a young age like Mike Trout. The outfielder for the Los Angeles Angels is coming off back-to-back seasons in which he finished runner-up in the American League MVP race. As if that was not impressive enough, many people believe that he could have easily won both of those awards in most other years. As we get ready for the 3rd full season of Trout, people who play in FanDuel leagues are still trying to find a hole in his game.

Miguel Cabrera has been considered the best position player in major league baseball for the last few seasons, but he does not bring speed and defense to the table. Trout is close to Cabrera as a hitter, but he is able to also steal bases with the best of them and play Gold Glove caliber defense. Many people have been pretty bold when they compare him to Willie Mays, but the fact the matter is there may not be a better comparison as far as production goes.

Trout will enter the 2014 regular-season with a .314/.404/.544 slash not to mention 62 home runs, 196 RBI and 86 stolen bases in just a total of 336 games. If you are into advanced statistics, his wins above replacement (WAR) have been off the charts as well. Not only is he able to hit for both power and average, but his speed and defense allows him to bring more value to the table.

As good as he has been so far, there are some people who believed that he could even get better as he matures and hits his prime. There is really no hole in his swing, and he is becoming a more disciplined hitter overall. He was able to cut down on his strikeouts a little bit this past season, and he was also able to walk a lot more. In fact, he led the American League in walks with 110 in 2013, and that certainly helped him with his on-base percentage.

Defense will be the 1st thing that peaks for him, but he still has a few seasons left to win a few Gold Gloves. That award is certainly not the only way to be recognized for defense, but it is something that he should be able to earn once he gets more of a reputation out there in centerfield.

There have been a lot of promising young players to come up in recent memory. Few players have been able to make the type of impact that Mike Trout has so early in his career. As long as he is able to stay healthy, there is no doubt that he will be a perennial MVP candidate for the next decade.

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