Monday, July 1, 2013

Pittsburgh Pirates: 51-30

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Here we go again, folks! For the third consecutive year the Pittsburgh Pirates are off to a fantastic start, giving baseball fans everywhere the hope that they will finally end their DREADED consecutive-seasons losing streak. The Pirates are currently on a 20-season losing streak, which is (by far) a major-league record. Their last winning season was in 1992 during the Barry Bonds-era.

In 2011, the Pirates were 41-39 on June 30 and everyone wondered if they would finally end their then-18 season losing streak. But I guess someone reminded them that they were the Pirates and-- of course-- fell apart in the second half and wound up 72-90 on the year. Consecutive losing season #19.

In 2012, they were 42-35 on June 30 and (again) fell apart in the second half and wound up with a 79-83 record. Consecutive losing season #20.

Will 2013 be any different?

At 51-30, the Pirates are sporting the best record in the major leagues and currently have a 2-game lead on the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central. They are on a 9-game winning streak and looking mighty good. Their biggest weapon thus far has been masterful pitching. But again, we've seen this before. Who's to say they won't (again) fall apart in the second half? Let's hope not!

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Go Pittsburgh! Do it for an entire generation of Pirates fans that have no clue what a winning season is. 

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