Thursday, June 13, 2013

How Good Is Matt Harvey and How Bad Are The Mets (Part 2)?
Here's another interesting (New York Mets) stat, according to ESPN via the Elias Sports Bureau:

The Marlins nipped the Mets, 2-1, in 20 innings on Saturday, in what was just the 47th of the more than 200,000 games in the history of Major League Baseball to reach the 20-inning mark. The Mets had played the last such game, a 2-1 victory over the Cardinals, in 20 innings, also on a Saturday afternoon, a bit over three years ago. But that's the Mets' only win in the five games of 20-plus innings that they have played; in fact, Saturday's loss left the Mets with a share of the major-league record for losses in games of 20-or-more innings; the Braves and the Red Sox have also dropped four games of that length.

Strangely, home teams have lost two-thirds of the games of 20-plus innings that were played to a decision: teams playing at home are 14-28 in those games, with five ties.
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Matt Harvey and Jose Fernandez, the starting pitchers in the Citi Field marathon, have matched up twice this season: the Marlins won in 15 innings on April 29 and in 20 innings on Saturday. Only two other pairs of starting pitchers have matched up in a pair of games lasting 15-or-more innings in the same season - and the most recent of these cases came 129 years ago! In June of 1884, Charles (Old Hoss) Radbourn of Providence and Boston's Jim Whitney each went the distance in games of 16 and 15 innings played just eight days apart; and in 1876, the first year of the National League, Bobby Mathews of the New York Mutuals and Louisville's Jim Devlin went them one better, going the route in games of 15 and 16 innings played just two days apart, on July 8 and July 10, some two weeks after the Battle of Little Big Horn (also known as Custer's Last Stand).

129 years?! My goodness! How much BAD LUCK can this kid Harvey possibly have?

Is his team the "Amazin' Mess"?

You Betcha!

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