Friday, May 10, 2013

The Evil Umpires

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It's been a rough week for MLB umpires to say the least. Today MLB baseball suspended and fined the umpiring crew who improperly allowed Houston Astros manager Bo Porter to make a pitching change (during the middle of an inning) in a game against the Los Angeles Angels. Angels manager Mike Scioscia (noticing it was an illegal pitching change) pleaded his case but the umps didn't wanna hear it. They allowed Porter to change pitchers with no regards to the rules. And today they paid a heavy price for it.

This screw-up came just one day after the umpires botched a home run call in Cleveland which would have tied the game for the A's in the ninth inning against the Indians. Adam Rosales hit a clear-cut home run which the umps ruled a double. A's manager Bob Melvin pleaded his case and was eventually tossed from the game. Not only did the umps botch the call with the naked eye but they botched it even after seeing the replay. So much for instant replay solving the problem of umpire ineptness. I think baseball needs instant-instant replay.

Umpire screw-ups are nothing new in major-league baseball. They have been going on for decades but over the last few years there have been some really bad ones. And I mean-- REALLY BAD ONES! So bad that they have compromised the integrity of the game, in my opinion.

Here are a few recent BLOWN CALLS that have really done some damage to the game--

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Who can forget umpire Jim Joyce's BLOWN CALL when Armando Galarraga was one out away from a perfect game on June 2, 2010. This was-- without a doubt-- a screw-up for the ages. I still cringe when I read about this one.

And who can forget umpire Jerry Meals' BLOWN CALL in the 19th inning of a long and exhausting game between the Atlanta Braves and the Pittsburgh Pirates in July 2011. The Braves runner was out by a mile and Meals (someway, somehow) figured out a way to call him safe. His moronic call gave the Braves a cheap victory and left every baseball fan with a sour taste in their mouth. As is the protocol, MLB acknowledged the mistake.

And who can forget umpire Phil Cuzzi's BLOWN CALL robbing Joe Mauer of an extra base-hit in a crucial playoff game in 2010 against the New York Yankees. The Twins lost the game and eventually the series to the Yankees. For more details about this moronic call, read HERE

I could have mentioned a few more. The list goes on and on. Umpires have become a nightmare in recent times, just ask manager Joe Maddon. His Tampa Bay Rays have had some pretty bad calls made against them in recent times, not to mention in crucial playoff games in the past. For Maddon's nightmares with umpires read HERE and HERE.

The question is-- when is MLB going to take a stand and hold the umps accountable?        

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