Thursday, March 14, 2013

20! The Heat Is On!

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With a 98-94 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, the Miami Heat became the 4th team in NBA history to win (at least) 20 consecutive games in a single season.

The other three teams are:
  • The 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers - 33 in a row.
  • The 2007-08 Houston Rockets - 22 in a row
  • The 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks - 20 in a row
As with any monumental streak, the media attention the Heat are getting is starting to develop a life of it's own. Will the Heat break the all-time record of 33 in a row? That is the chatter surrounding the NBA these days. Personally I think it's a tall order but it is possible. The question is-- do they want to break this record? Would they rather end the streak and diffuse all the attention it's getting and get back to focusing on their primary goal which is locking up the No. 1 seed for the playoffs?

Besides, at the end of the day, the Heat's main goal is to defend their NBA championship. A 34-game winning streak would mean nothing if they don't win the crown. Not to mention, to get to 34 they first have to get to 30 and in their next 10 games they have some tough road games in Boston, Chicago and San Antonio. The streak could easily come to an end in any of these 3 hostile environments.

Said LeBron James, ''When you have a streak like this, you have to have some luck. We just think about winning the next game and we'll see where it takes us."

That's the only way to do it. Take it one game at a time and if they accomplish 14 one-game winning streaks, the record is theirs. But I'm sure the Heat have bigger fish to fry. Anything less than a championship will be unacceptable in South Beach.

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