Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NBA Finals: The King and His Ring

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Folks, the stars could not align any better for King LeBron James and his neverending quest for the elusive CHAMPIONSHIP RING. His Miami Heat have a commanding 3-1 edge on the Oklahoma City Thunder with a chance to close it out at home. It cannot get any better (or easier) than this. If someway somehow he doesn't get it done and OKC pulls off a miracle, then I don't think he ever will.

Let's be realistic, OKC had a chance to win Games 3 and 4 but they shot themselves in the foot in both games.

Poor free throw shooting and reckless fouling doomed them in Game 3. In the third quarter, not only did they miss 5 free throws, but they TWICE FOULED Miami's three-point shooters, which they nailed for 6 points. Just on the free throw line it was an 11-point swing which washed away OKC's double-digit lead.

In Game 4, inexperience doomed the young Thunder team. James Harden was a no-show. Russell Westbrook's intentional foul on Mario Chalmers with 17.3 seconds left will go down in infamy as one of the biggest mistakes in NBA Finals history. OKC has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with Miami, but it's the little things that have been their demise, thus far. The little things.

But as the old saying goes, it ain't over until the fat lady sings. Let's not forget OKC is still breathing. Barely, but still breathing.

As for The King-- he is within a whisker of winning the championship that millions out there DON'T want to see him win. But.... Images

....whether his haters like it or not, it looks like even they will all be witnesses.


  1. It's time for LeBron to get his ring (from a Celtics fan).
    Please check out this interesting piece about KG. I think it's fair to say that most of us here in New England would like to see him back.

  2. Very interesting article. I agree, it would be great if KG stays with the Celtics. He has definitely earned the right.

    1. Have you heard if Frank Viola's daughter Brittany made the Olympic diving team?
      (I should add my name, since it's not "anonymous," but I don't have a URL.)

    2. You're name is just fine. That's my sister's name, by the way. Brittany is in first place right now. Sunday (June 24) are the finals. She's way ahead of her closest challenger so unless something drastic happens she should make the team.

      Here's an article on her:

    3. That was an excellent article. Thanks! I'll search for the finals on TV. Looks like she'll be going to the Olympics and Frank will be dealing with a mighty control problem. ;)
      (Martha is a rare name. It pleases me to know of another. I used to get the Washington thing all the time, and then along came Stewart.)

      Oh, according to Bob Ryan on Around the Horn, Ortiz is ticked off about something a local writer wrote. The consensus is that it's bad timing on Ortiz's part. It's big news here, and, naturally, being blown out of proportion.

    4. Your welcome. Yes from the looks of it she will make the team and I'm sure that Frank is going to be a proud dad and, well, she's 25 so I'm sure by now he's flexible when it comes to control. Martha is a rare name, the only other one I can think off is McCallum. She's a very good news anchor on Fox News.

      As for Ortiz, all I've heard is that he's mad at the media for focusing so much on meaningless drama and not on baseball. He says it's getting old and boring.