Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The MLB on TSC: The Pirates, Orioles and Nationals

It's time now for a quick edition of the MLB on TSC, where no rocks are left unturned and where everything-- good, bad or ugly-- has the potential to get exposed. Here goes--


At the start of the 2012 MLB season there were 4 teams that have been in the gutter for a LONG time. So much so that it's impressive they still have fans after all these dreadful years.

The kingpins of this dreaded club are no doubt the Pittsburgh Pirates. This once-proud franchise is currently on a North-American-sports-record 19-season losing streak. That, my friends, is no walk in the park. Their last winning season (96-66) was way back in 1992. Last season the Pirates had a very solid first half, entering the All-Star break with a winning record-- fooling many-- including me, into thinking they were going to have a winning season. But unfortunately in the second half they realized who they were and completely fell apart en route to their record 19th consecutive losing season.

Then there are the Baltimore Orioles. This (also) once-proud franchise is doing everything it can to give the Pirates a run for their money. The O's, themselves, have a-- hide the kids-- 14-season losing streak. Their last winning season (98-64) was in 1997. Now how in the world does this happen to a former juggernaut?

Then we have the Washington Nationals (aka Montreal Expos). They are on a 6-season losing streak, which is preceded by an 81-81 (.500) season, which is preceded by another losing season. In other words, they are on an 8-season non-winning streak. Their last winning season (83-79) was in 2003 as the Expos.

But surprise, surprise-- the Pirates (32-28); Orioles (35-26) and Nationals (37-23) are actually having great years so far. They have either been or are in first place in their respective divisions and it looks like 2012 may be the year that-- at least 1, 2 or all 3-- get out of their funk. As a baseball fan, I'm not holding my breathe, especially after the stunt the Pirates pulled off last year, but it'll be great to see these three franchises have successful seasons and hopefully get a taste of the playoffs.

For the record: The last time the Pirates made the playoffs was in 1992. For the Orioles, their last taste of the playoffs was in 1997 and for the Nationals, well, try 1981 on for size.

Oh and I'm not even going to mention the 4th team-- the Kansas City Royals and their ineptness. But since I brought them up-- they are on an 8-season losing streak and have had a losing record in 16 of the last 17 seasons. Their only winning season (83-79) in the last 17 years was in 2003. The last time they made the playoffs was way back in 1985 when a guy named George Brett was the best in the business. But since KC is having-- yet another-- awful year, they are not relevant to this post. Or any post, for that matter.

Hey Billy, quit dissing the A's. They had a decent playoff run for most of the 2000s and besides-- you and the Cubs are the last people who should be throwing anyone under the bus!

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