Saturday, April 7, 2012

The MLB on TSC: Playball!

The 2012 MLB season has officially jump-started! The 137th season is underway....

....And with only 1 or 2 games in the books it is way to early to throw any team or any player under the bus OR talk about major-league FIRSTS. BUT!!!! Here at the MLB on TSC we always make a valiant effort to do so.

So without any further ado-- here are some tidbits from the early microscopic season--


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With a complete off-season metamorphosis, the Miami Marlins were the talk of the baseball world for a large chunk of the winter recess. Lots of excitement and great things were (and are) expected from them. The Marlins went on a free-agent spending spree, hired the never-lost-for-words Ozzie Guillen as manager and opened up a new state-of-the-art stadium in their quest to become the new "evil empire". But with an 0-2 start and 1 run scored to 8 runs allowed, it's safe to say the Marlins have started off on the wrong fin. Yes, it's way to early to start throwing the word "bust" around but Guillen's crew better turn it around quickly because as they know all too well-- they play in the same division as the following man and his rock-solid empire--


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Mr. Fantastic Roy Halladay is at it again. The man with the rubber arm pitched yet another masterpiece for the Philadelphia Phillies in their season opener. Halladay (1-0) pitched 8 powerful innings allowing only 2 hits, 0 walks, 0 runs and 5 strikeouts as the Phillies beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 1-0. The man is money in the bank, no doubt about it.

And speaking of 1-0--


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One game in and we already have a major-league FIRST. The Atlanta Braves lost their opener to the New York Mets (yes, the Mets) 1-0 mostly due in part to a strong pitching performance by the Mets ace Johan Santana. This was the first time in 137 season openers that the Braves lost 1-0. The Braves, along with the Chicago Cubs, are the only charter members remaining from the original National League which began play way back in 1876. I like to refer to them as the "Original Two" because of their mind-boggling longevity. And never before had the Braves lost an opener 1-0 until today. I guess that's what they get for "messing with the Johan."


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There is no doubt the New York Yankees lost a tough one against the Tampa Bay Rays in their season opener. A 7-6 loss in walk-off fashion, a rocky outing by ace CC Sabathia (5 ER in 6 innings) and a BLOWN SAVE by Mr. Automatic Mariano Rivera is NOT how the Yanks envisioned Day 1 would go. This was only the second time in his 18-year career that the 42-year old Rivera had blown a save against the Rays. But maybe, just maybe, the key words in that last sentence are "42-year old". Will there be a "country for old men"? We'll see.

On the flip side-- what a homecoming for fan-favorite Carlos Pena in his first game back with the Rays after a 1-year hiatus. Pena clobbered the Yankees with 3 hits, 5 RBI, a grand slam and the walk-off hit which stunned Rivera and the Yankees. Something tells me Floridians are focusing on the wrong team because this Rays team looks pretty darn good. And I mean, DARN GOOD! Sorry Marlins!


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Congrats to San Francisco Giants starter Matt Cain on signing a monster contract that will keep him in Frisco for years to come. Cain and the Giants agreed on a 6-year, $127.5 million contract that has Giants fans shouting, "Yes We Cain". And who knows, if Citizen Cain lives up to his potential, maybe Cain-Sanity will sweep the Bay Area?


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Kudos to Cincinnati Reds superstar Joey Votto who also signed a monster contract extension. And I mean a MONSTER contract-- 12-years, $251 million. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Mr. Votto is officially rolling in dough. Brother, can you spare a dime?

To be continued....

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