Saturday, March 10, 2012

New York Knicks: Even Lin-Sanity Seems Lin-Adequate

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Is reality starting to set in on the New York Basketball Knicks? Is the media-concocted craze known as "Lin-sanity" starting to look "Lin-visible"?

Quite frankly it worked quite well as long as the Knicks (18-22) were playing B-teams and as long as they were playing mostly home games, the majority against B-teams. But once the team went on the road to face the NBA's "real deal", the craze has imploded and some in the media have suddenly become Lin-audible. Some, who were touting the kid as the "messiah", have headed for the hills.

And why not? During the 2-week craze plenty of eye-balls were glued to the TV sets, plenty of ears to the radio and plenty of gear and magazines were sold. So the media made their money.

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No knock on Jeremy Lin, himself. He's a decent kid who was Lin-advertently brought into this circus because the media desperately needed a great feel-good story. And we the public have never met a bandwagon we didn't jump. I just hope the kid makes money off of it too. But reality is reality and, at the end of the day, the Knicks are a .500, one-round-and-out team.

This reality was kept Lin-cognito throughout this whole craze. The truth of the matter is, with Carmelo Anthony at the helm, they are a Lin-consistent and a Lin-complete team, not ready to rub elbows with the Miami Heats and Chicago Bulls of the world. Their recent 3-7 run (after the 7-0, Lin-sanity run) is a great Lin-dicator of the type of team they are. And with a tough schedule ahead, they can quite possibly lose 7 of their next 10 games, which would put them at 13-20 during the Lin-sanity era. The same exact 7 games under .500 they were before Lin-sanity. Lin-consistent? Yes.

And for the record, their April schedule is no walk in the "Lin-kin" park either.

Let's see if they have enough in the tank to raise their Lin-tensity level because, if not, they probably won't even make the playoffs. And with Melo running the show I don't see where the Lin-tensity will come from. Besides, chemistry between Lin and Melo seems elusive.

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  1. It's not just Lin either, but New York also has Tebow to deal with too. I was reading about it here too:, and I was wondering about the fan acceptance of this. Some Jet fans like it, some don't, feeling that there is a lack of passion. I wonder how it will go.

  2. The jury is out on how it will go, Sam. New Yorkers love the spotlight, so you can count on a circus-like craze if Mark Sanchez doesn't perform and the calls for Tebow begin. It'll be just like Lin-sanity. Only here can you turn a half-way decent basketball player on a barely .500 team into the second-coming of Michael Jordan and make people actually believe that it's real. Only here.