Monday, March 5, 2012

Nails Is Going To Jail!

How in the world does someone go from this.... this?

AP Photo
Well folks, the AP has reported that former major-league star Lenny "Nails" Dykstra has been sentenced to 3 years in the slammer on charges of grand theft auto. But considering all his suspicious business affairs over the years-- some say he's lucky to only get three years in the "big house".

After his playing career, Dykstra has been involved in all sorts of shady business dealings, from a small-scale Ponzi scheme (consider him, a low budget Bernie Madoff) to check and credit card fraud to felony grand theft auto-- to-- you name it. His rap sheet is so long I won't bore anyone with it. If anyone is interested in further reading, click here and here.

There's no question the former Phillies and Mets spark plug, through his reckless business ventures, created a "Bed of Nails" (pardon the pun) for himself. And now he must sleep in it. Who knows, maybe 3 years in the "rock" will finally humble the former scrappy player with the "wild boy" persona?

But in the end, it's safe to say, things are looking mighty dark these days for the man once considered to be "tough as nails" by legions of Mets fans (myself included).

NY Daily News
What a shame!

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