Saturday, March 3, 2012

The MLB on TSC: The Boys of Spring

With spring training alive and well, it's time for the MLB on TSC to dust off the winter rust and regain that baseball fever! So as the preseason soldiers on, here are some tidbits from the early goings--


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So the big news of the early preseason was the acquittal of Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun. In a nutshell: Braun, who was facing a 50-game suspension for an alleged failed drug test, was given a new lease on life when an arbitrator ruled in his favor by saying major league baseball bungled the investigation and opened the door for potential evidence tampering. As the story goes, the doctor who was suppose to ship Braun's urine samples (to a lab in Canada) kept them in his house for 44 hours over a weekend period. According to the doctor, there were no FedEx offices open on Friday afternoon so he held the evidence until Monday morning and then properly sent them to Canada. His actions supposedly violated standard procedure which, in turn, allowed Braun's "Dream Team" of lawyers to cry "bloody murder" and argue that something suspicious happened or could've happened during that 44-hour window. The arbitrator agreed with the "Dream Team" and Braun was found innocent once this "beyond a reasonable doubt" thing came into play. Well, all I know is this-- only one of two things could have possibly happened-- either Braun failed the test OR the doctor "doctored" (pardon the pun) the evidence. One of these two men isn't telling the truth, no doubt about it. Gee, I wonder if there was a "bloody glove" involved in this fiasco?


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Forget Brad Pitt, the Man-Ram has invaded Oakland. The Oakland A's (for some unknown reason) have brought the never-lost-for-words Manny Ramirez back into our baseball lives. If we may remember, Ramirez abruptly retired last season when he learned the news that he failed a second drug test and was facing a 100-game suspension. Ramirez had already served a 50-game suspension while playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. So rather than face the scrutiny, Ramirez "snuck out the back door" and skipped town (Tampa Bay, that is) never to be heard from again. The suspension was later cut to 50 games and late last year the AWOL Ramirez applied for reinstatement. So the A's (again, for some unknown reason) decided to take a chance on the reinstated Ramirez and signed him to a 1-year $500,000 minor league deal with an invitation to spring training. If the Man-Ram makes the team he will have to serve out his 50-game suspension and then join the team for whatever is left of their season. And since we're talking about the A's, they probably will be close to being eliminated from the playoffs by the time Ramirez gets his first at-bat. Gee, I wonder why his lawyers weren't as quick thinking as Braun's when the news of his failed drug test came out last year?


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Can someone please explain to me why ROY OSWALT is STILL part of the 8.5% (or whatever it is right now) unemployment rate?


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Can someone also explain to me why JOHNNY DAMON is STILL part of the 8.5% unemployment rate?


I'm looking forward to another year of the MLB on TSC because one thing major league baseball never ceases to prove is that-- sometimes facts are stranger than fiction.

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