Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Troubled Dodgers Need Advice....

NY Daily News
With all the turmoil surrounding the bankrupt Los Angeles Dodgers these days, the question on many people's minds is-- what kind of year are they going to have? Will all the off-the-field distractions take it's toll on the players and deflate all the enthusiasm out of the Dodger faithful?

According to reports, MLB's ownership committee is working diligently on finding a new owner for the team and ending the more than a year-long saga with the current ownership, which, for the sake of the players and fans, should happen sooner rather than later.

But considering all the off-the-field drama surrounding current owner Frank McCourt and his soap opera-style divorce, the Dodgers weren't all that bad last season. Under first-year manager Don Mattingly they somehow managed to muster a winning season with a decent 82-79 record. They have a great nucleus, which includes the reigning Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw and the MVP runner-up Matt Kemp, not to mention the budding Andre Ethier and James Loney. So things are not all that bad in Blueville considering all the beef surrounding the team.

Steve Greenberg
But there's no question the troubled Dodgers need, at the very least, some good sound advice.

If I remember correctly, once upon a time, when the Dodgers were having problems, then-manager Tommy Lasorda sought advice from an unlikely source. If memory serves me correct, back in the early '80s, if you needed answers, Johnny the Shoe Shiner was your man. Of course Johnny was clueless about everything up until you wet his hands with a couple of bucks. So maybe once major league baseball finds a respectable new owner for the Dodgers and the troubled McCourt skips town, Mattingly should follow Lasorda's lead and locate Johnny the Shoe Shiner and ask him for advice on what he must do to return the team to glory.

Oh and Donny Baseball should take a few bucks if he wants to get any answers. Once good 'ole Johnny is taken care of financially, he will have answers for him.

Here's the classic Tommy Lasorda-Johnny the Shoe Shiner scene from Police Squad!:

Here's more Johnny the Shoe Shiner classics:

Gotta love good 'ole Johnny!

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