Monday, December 5, 2011

Good-Bye Jose!

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Well fellow Mets fans, it's official-- JOSE REYES HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!

In an article by Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports: Shortstop Jose Reyes, one of the most intriguing players on the free-agent market, also became one of the first big names to change teams, agreeing to terms with the suddenly flush Miami Marlins on a six-year, $106 million contract Sunday. Continue reading....

What can I say?

GOOD LUCK in your new endeavors Jose Bernabe Reyes!


  1. Are you as surprised by this money that Miami all of sudden has? I don't know how they are able to sign Heath Bell, Reyes and are still in the hunt for Pujols when they have never had this this much money to blow. I know they have a new staidum and all but good lord is that enough to fund this kind of spending

  2. @Sportaholic I've been asking myself the same question, where is all this dough coming from?! I think owner Jeffrey Loria is tapping into his own personal wealth and banking that the new stadium and the new-look team will be a good return on his investment. I mean, where else can it be coming from?

  3. I'm a bit surprise about this. I just wish him good luck on his new chosen career now.

  4. I'm a bit surprise with this news. I just wish him good luck on his new chosen career. :D