Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Go Tebow! Go Tebow! Go Tebow!

"It's not Tebow Time. It's Broncos Time." -Tim Tebow

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It seems like Tebow-mania doesn't seem to end as a hot topic. Since taking over the starting QB job for the Denver Broncos, Tebow has compiled a 7-1 record and has helped the Broncos win these games in mind-boggling fashion. Tebow is yet to dominate a game from start to finish but with the help of a superb defense keeping the games close, has been able to snatch most of these wins in the fourth quarter and OT.

Now, why in the world is this happening?

Many people, including me, are asking this question. As a fellow blogger, The Sportaholic, put it, "Its so redundant at this point but I just have to ask the question once again? How in the hell are the Broncos able to do this week in and week out?" I'm with you, Sporty. I have no idea either.

However, I will venture a guess.

But before I do, let me just make a quick comment on the Tebow-hating crowd who have criticized him for "wearing his religious beliefs on his sleeves". Let it go, haters! At last check the NFL is a private entity and is not government owned. In other words, the separation of church and state laws don't apply. If Tebow wants to pray on the sidelines and thank his god at every press conference, that's his prerogative. Let it go! Quit trying to get a quick "15 minutes of fame" for yourselves at the expense of Tebow's strong religious faith. It's repulsive!

As for the Broncos sudden surge, it is and it isn't a mystery. I mean, let's look at the scores they've won by under Tebow's watch: 18-15, 38-24, 17-10, 17-13, 16-13, 35-32, 13-10. Six of the seven wins were very close games. On the flip side, if we look at the Broncos 1-4 start (before Tebow became the starter), they lost 3 of the 4 games by scores of, 20-23, 14-17, 24-29. It's safe to say that those games could have gone either way for them. The same way 6 of Tebow's wins could have gone either way. So the Tebow thing is deceiving because (a break here and a break there) and the Broncos could have started 4-1. With the exception of the Green Bay and Detroit games, the Broncos could have easily been 11-2 or 1-12 for that matter.


The only thing I can think of (that's helping the Broncos win these close games under Tebow's watch as opposed to earlier in the season) is the forgotten practice of SELFLESSNESS. Tebow has single-handily created an "us" culture in Denver. Breaking News: Selflessness works. Every player on the team has picked up their game a few notches because of it. The entire team has developed a Yogi Berra-esque "it ain't over till it's over" mentality. In last Sunday's 13-10 win over the Chicago Bears, kicker Matt Prater kicked two clutch field goals (51-yarder and 59-yarder) to win the game. Prater knew that the team had once again put itself in a position to win and that continuing the dream run was in his hands, well, in his foot. So the guy cranked it up a notch. He knew his team was counting on him, so he dug deep and got the job done. The "us" culture has turned the law of averages around in the Broncos favor. What else could it be? It's not like they were getting blown away during their 1-4 start.

Selflessness is contagious and Tim Tebow is the epitome of selflessness. And to all his haters out there-- selflessness is mastered through faith.

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"If you believe, then unbelievable things can sometimes be possible." -Tim Tebow


  1. Tebow will equal the Mannings. He may eveb be another Montanna

  2. Strong prediction baby1960! We'll see what happens....