Monday, December 5, 2011

Finally Tiger!!!!

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Well we knew this day had to FINALLY come! Tiger Woods wins his first tournament after a 749-days winless hiatus. Yesterday, Tiger won the Chevron World Challenge, in comeback fashion, over Zach Johnson who had a 1 stroke lead with 2 holes to play. Tiger birdied the last two holes in clutch-fashion to win by one stroke and with it, take an 800-pound gorilla off his back.

Prior to yesterday, the last time Tiger was victorious was in November 2009, right before his now-infamous sex scandal began. A sex scandal which derailed his marriage, his career and his entire world. I'm pretty sure we've all heard about it so I won't bore anyone with the details.

The win, however, was a HUGE step in the right direction for him because maybe now he can put his past behind him, end all the Tiger-is-done talk and go back to being the player who dominated the game for over a decade. And thank god, because even I was dying for this day to come. Let's get back to normality, shall we?


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