Friday, November 4, 2011

The Unofficial National Championship Game

The No. 1 LSU Tigers vs. the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide

Getty Images, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

The game of games is upon us!

The winner of this monster game is more than likely to run the table and earn a trip to the national title game. So consider it a semi-final match.

Looking into my crystal ball, I see the following scenarios unfolding--
  • LSU edges Alabama by a whisker. The Tigers run the table, win the SEC championship game and earn a spot in the national title game.
  • After the Tiger's huge win over Alabama, the Top 4 will look like this: #1 LSU, #2 Oklahoma State, #3 Stanford, #4 Boise State.
  • The No. 6 Oregon Ducks go to Stanford on Nov. 12 and stun the No. 3 Cardinal in what will be dubbed a huge upset. The Ducks put an end to Stanford's perfect season and eliminate them from all national title conversations. The win catapults Oregon to No. 3, one spot ahead of the undefeated Boise State Broncos. The Top 4 will then look like this: # 1 LSU, #2 Oklahoma State, #3 Oregon, #4 Boise State.
  • The No. 5 Oklahoma Sooners go into Boone Pickens Stadium on Dec. 3 and crush the No. 2 Oklahoma State Cowboys, ending OK State's perfect season and all hopes of a national title run. The win leapfrogs Oklahoma all the way to No. 3, one spot ahead of undefeated Boise State. The Top 4 will then look like this: #1 LSU, #2 Oregon, #3 Oklahoma, #4 Boise State.
  • Oregon wins the Pac-12 championship game and holds on to the No. 2 ranking.

The National Title Game: No. 1 LSU vs. No. 2 Oregon

The game will be a rematch of their Week 1 showdown which LSU won 40-27. While everyone else chose to run for the hills and play a softy in Week 1, then-No. 4 LSU and then-No. 3 Oregon chose to play each other in a TOUGH, TOUGH game right out of the gates. They knew that a loss would put a dent on their national title chances early but chose the brutal Week 1 game anyway. They deserve a lot of credit for that and a rematch in the national title game will definitely be poetic justice.

This time around, however, I think Oregon will prevail. Oregon 28 - LSU 20.

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NOTE: If Alabama beats LSU tomorrow, it'll be No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 2 Oregon for the national title. I still believe Oregon will prevail. Oregon 19 - Alabama 16.

And finally--

As for the undefeated mid-major Boise State-- they will earn an at-large BCS bowl invitation to the Fiesta Bowl, just for the sake of political correctness. Sorry Boise, get your butts into a Power-6 Conference if you want your undefeated seasons to matter when it comes to the national title picture.


  1. This is why there needs to be a playoff! Does Alabama really deserve to be behind the 8 ball like they are? NO!

  2. I agree, but that's the age old question and what makes the debate fun every year. Alabama still has a very good shot at playing LSU for the national title though. All they need is for someone to bump of Oklahoma State, i.e. Oklahoma.