Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Say What?! World No. 4 Roger Federer?

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It looks like "father time" is starting to catch up to World No. 4, that's right, World No. 4 Roger Federer. Well, sort of. On Oct. 17, Federer, then No. 3, lost a ranking spot to Andy Murray dropping him out of the Top 3 for the first time since June 2003. That's right, June 2003.

While most players never see the light of day at No. 4, for the great Federer this is uncharted waters. Federer had spent 432 consecutive weeks in the Top 3, which is the equivalent of 8+ years. And in the world of tennis, 8+ years is an eternity.

Here's a break down of Federer's consecutive streak in the Top 3:
  • Weeks at No. 1: 285 (237 consecutive, an ATP record).
  • Weeks at No. 2: 91
  • Weeks at No. 3: 56
Federer currently trails new No. 3 Andy Murray by 295 points. Here's a look at the Top 4:

1. Novak Djokovic - 13860
2. Rafael Nadal - 10375
3. Andy Murray - 7825
4. Roger Federer - 7530

To be fair, at 30, Federer is still one of the best players in the world but having a #4 before his name is something that tennis fans are just not used to seeing. I know I was blown away when I found out he was no longer in the Top 3. I guess Mr. Federer set the bar TOO HIGH by being so dominant for so long.

But I'll dare say-- something tells me he ain't done just yet.

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For the record, the last time Federer was NOT in the Top 10 was October 7, 2002, which is a mighty long time ago.


  1. I agree that Roger is getting a little long in the tooth...but Murray is NOT better than him. The world ranking systems in Tennis and Golf are definitely off.

  2. I agree. The rankings system definitely needs a makeover because in the case of Federer and Murray, Roger has 16 Grand Slam titles to his credit, Murray has 0 and yet Murray is now ranked ahead of him. Go figure!

  3. Wonderful post. THanks for sharing