Friday, November 11, 2011

The Ducks Look Mighty!

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There is no question that last week's game between the No. 1 LSU Tigers and the then-No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide has been the game of the year so far. The game was so close (9-6 final score) that not much changed atop the BCS Standings. The Tigers remained No. 1 and the Crimson Tide fell only one spot to No. 3. So with all things considered, it didn't turn out all that bad for the Tide.

Tomorrow we switch from the SEC to the Pac-12, where we will have what is perhaps the second biggest game of the season between the No. 7 Oregon Ducks and the undefeated No. 4 Stanford Cardinal.

For Stanford the game is huge because with a win they will more than likely leapfrog Alabama and take over the #3 ranking. A win by Oregon can quite possibly land them at #5, leapfrogging #5 Boise State and #6 Oklahoma. And it will keep the Ducks alive in the national title conversation.

As for all those who were left with a bitter taste in their mouths after the LSU-Alabama game, there is still a strong possibility that LSU and Alabama can meet again for the national title. The key is the No. 2 Oklahoma State Cowboys. If the Cowboys loss a game and LSU and Alabama run the table, then we will perhaps have a rematch between No. 1 LSU and new No. 2 Alabama for the national title. This scenario is highly conceivable since the Cowboys do have a date with the No. 6 Oklahoma Sooners on Dec. 3. It's a game which I think Oklahoma will win and take out OK State from the national title conversation.

But it all starts with Oregon-Stanford tomorrow. A Stanford win could be a dagger for Alabama. However, I think Oregon will go into Stanford tomorrow and stun the Cardinal. Call it a gut feeling. Hey, I was right about LSU beating Alabama by a whisker, right?

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Let's just say-- No luck for Luck against the Ducks.

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