Friday, October 28, 2011

World Series: The Never-Say-Quit Cardinals Nation!!!!

World Series: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Texas Rangers
Game 6: Cardinals 10 - Rangers 9
Series tied, 3-3

"Some say we're not good enough, but our heart is always good enough." -Tony LaRussa

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My, oh my! What a Game 6!

Just when the Texas Rangers had their first-ever world championship at their fingertips, the NEVER-SAY-QUIT St. Louis Cardinals refused to fold up like a cheap suit.

The only words that can describe what unfolded in Game 6 are: stunned, shock and awe, stupefied, dumbfounded, blown away and finally..... speechless!

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What a game! What a comeback!! What a team!!!

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.... And what a DEEP FREESE!!!!


  1. Game 6 was one of the best games ever. It would be disappointing to see a bad Game 7, especially since winner takes all.

  2. Yes collin, I'm still shocked by what went down in Game 6. Unbelievable!