Saturday, August 13, 2011

PGA Championship: The Eye of the Tiger?

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What in the world is wrong with Tiger Woods?

Yesterday, for the first time in his career, Tiger missed the cut at the PGA Championship by a mile. Yes I know, Tiger has been awful since his comeback from the fiasco that has derailed his career, but when he starts missing cuts at major events, something is terribly wrong.

Tiger hasn't won an event (of any kind) since November 2009, just days before his regrettable Thanksgiving weekend fracas which has pretty much cost him everything. And we all know the circus his life became after all his skeletons fell out of the closet.

But my goodness, not even in my wildest dreams did I think that he would still be winless by this point. And now he's missing cuts at majors?!

Dare I say it? Yes I will.

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If going back to his old lifestyle would make a difference than why doesn't he just go back to his old ways? Heck dude, you're single now, so if you walk around with ten hotties, that's your prerogative. If that's what it'll take-- then do what you gotta do. Nobody can say a damn thing because your officially a single man now. Period.

This is mind-boggling. It really is. How is it that a gossip-filled fiasco turns a man from undisputed World No. 1 to World No. "Lucky to be in the PGA"?

Or maybe he needs an Apollo Creed in his life? Yeah, that's what it is. He needs an Apollo-like figure to come into his life and light that fire that was once burning.

Apollo's pet talk would definitely work wonders for him.

Speaking of Apollo, let's listen to the tune he used to help Rocky get out of the doldrums, one more time:

Tiger definitely needs to get THE EYE OF THE TIGER back! No doubt!

C'mon Tiger! I'm pulling for you, bro!

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