Friday, August 5, 2011

Jerry Meals: Moron of the Year!

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I know it's only August and we usually name our "So-and-So of the Year" during the last week of December. There's no question naming somebody the "_______ of the Year" in August is a little premature because we still have 5 months to go and anything can happen, right?

But as we mark the 10-game anniversary of what is BY FAR THE WORST BLOWN CALL SO FAR THIS SEASON, it's easy for me to pick one of my "________ of the Year" categories this early.

When it comes to my "Moron of the Year", umpire Jerry Meals has already clinched the prize. I don't care what happens in the next 5 months. I highly doubt any living thing will be as MORONIC as Meals in the next 5 months.

So let me get this post out of the way now and then I'll repost it in late December.

As we all know by now, Meals was the home plate umpire who for some strange and unknown reason called Atlanta Braves base runner Julio Lugo safe to give the Braves a 4-3 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in a hard-fought 19-inning game on July 26. Everyone on this planet, but Meals, saw that Lugo was out by a mile, yet Meals called him safe. Game over!

After the Meals' fiasco, the never-ending cry for instant replay was heard again all over the baseball world. In his article, Jamal Wilburg from Bleacher Report said, "There is no reason a 19-inning game should ever end because of a blown call that could have been corrected." I agree.

The sad part of the whole travesty is that Pittsburgh was playing it's best baseball in 19 years prior to the 19-inning heartbreak. Prior to that game, the Pirates were 53-47 and in first place in the NL Central. Since then, they have gone 1-9 and are starting to fade. It's as if the disappointment of having that 19-inning battle STOLEN from them shattered all their excitement and momentum.

Even many of us outside of Pittsburgh who were on the Pirates bandwagon and rooting for them to have a successful season were demoralized after the HEIST by Meals.

So for his delusional call at the plate which has been like a toxic poison to the Pirates dream season-- umpire Jerry Meals is my 2011 Moron of the Year. Hands down!

I don't care what the "Chad Ochocincos of the world" do in the coming months to try and take away the prize from Meals. It ain't gonna happen.

Jerry, you owe the entire Pirates Nation an apology. No doubt!

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