Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Empire Strikes Back

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Today, after losing the first two games-- which mathematically means they lost the 3-game series-- the New York Yankees ROMPED the Oakland A's 22-9 in the third and final game of the series.

In the 22-run BASHING, the Yankees hit 3 grand slam home runs thus becoming the first team in major-league history with 3 GRAND SALAMIS in 1 game. Never before had the feat been done, until today.

All I can say is-- Whoa!

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The 3 historic home runs were hit by MVP-candidate Curtis Granderson, second baseman-extraordinaire Robinson Cano and power-hitting catcher Russell Martin. All three of these gentlemen were 2011 All-Stars also, adding a component which makes the record that much more harder to duplicate.

Can you imagine the future trivia question: Who are the only three teammates in history to make the All-Star team and each hit a grand slam home run in the same game in the same season? Now that's a tough one to duplicate.

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....And to paraphrase what Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland once said in 2006, "this was 'Murderer's Row and then Cano' in action today".

Cano's grand slam came in the 5th inning; Martin hit his in the 6th and Granderson's came in the 8th inning. In the end, a 7-2 deficit became a 22-9 shellacking as history was made at Yankee Stadium.

On a personal note--

I was actually at the stadium with some friends for Game 1 of the series on Tuesday, which the Yankees lost 6-5. Yes, we Met fans go to Yankee games sometimes. Of the tons of pictures I could have taken that night, the only snap shot which caught my attention was the following--

For some reason, seeing former Yankee and 2009 World Series MVP Hideki Matsui (No. 55) at the plate in an A's uniform caught my attention, especially with all the cheers he was getting from the crowd. Or maybe it was the coincidence that both he and Russell Martin both wear No. 55-- who knows?

Also, why couldn't the Yanks have this historic day in Game 1 when I was there?!

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