Thursday, July 7, 2011

What About CC?

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Every year the baseball All-Star Game has it's share of questionable picks and head-scratching snubs. This year is no exception.

The most shocking of this year's SNUBS is, without a doubt, New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia. Sabathia (12-4) is tied for the major-league lead in wins, has a 2.90 ERA with 117 strikeouts and is the leader of the first-place Yankees (51-34) terrific pitching staff. Did I mention a major-league leading 12 wins? Oh yes.

I have no clue how All-Star managers make their decision as to who's in and who's not, BUT, if CC's numbers don't get you in, then I don't know what does?! Period!

Other notable SNUBS:

1. Paul Konerko (.319 BA, 22 HR, 64 RBI): Now how in the world does Konerko NOT get in and his teammate Carlos Quentin (.253 BA, 17 HR, 50 RBI) does?

2. Prince Fielder (.302, 22 HR, 71 RBI): NL manager Bruce Bochy owes Fielder a serious apology for this lack of respect. Oh and the apology should be in writing and notarized by a Supreme Court justice. How in the world does a guy with Fielder's numbers NOT get in?

3. Ian Kennedy (8-3, 3.38 ERA, 103 K): Yes, I lobbied for Kennedy (read here) and he wasn't even looked at. Kennedy has the numbers AND the game is in his home ballpark in Arizona. If Bochy (or whomever decided who the non-starters should be) had any brains, they would have done the Arizona fans a "solid" and put their guy, who is having a great year, on the team. With all due respect to Tim Lincecum (6-7, 3.14 ERA)-- BUT WHY IS HE IN???? Oh yeah, almost forgot, he plays for Bochy.

4. Andrew McCutchen (.291 BA, 12 HR, 48 RBI): The Pittsburgh Pirates are an impressive 45-42 (1 game out of 1st place in the NL Central). I think they deserved more than just the mandatory (one) player required from each team. McCutchen has the numbers and got HOSED! Compare his numbers to Chipper Jones (.256 BA, 8 HR, 46 RBI) who somehow got in.

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But back to CC--

I think I'm going to need a forensic scientist to explain that SNUBBING to me.


UPDATE: Konerko won the last spot on the AL team by winning the fan's online voting. With his numbers, Konerko should have been a no-brainer and shouldn't have been left for a last minute vote. In the NL, Shane Victorino won the fan online voting.

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