Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is The NFL Lockout Ending Soon?

So far this week we've gotten some encouraging news on the NFL Lockout which has dragged on for over 4 months now. For the first time in a long time there is reason to hope as both sides seem to have come to terms on the most difficult issues which separate the two.

According to AP Pro Football Writer Barry Wilner, "More than four months into the lockout, owners and players have made significant progress on the framework of an agreement. But re-establishing the union and figuring out what it will take for nine NFL players —including star quarterbacks Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees— to settle that antitrust suit are among key issues blocking a deal to end the lockout, people familiar with the negotiations told the AP on condition of anonymity."

Yahoo! Sports blogger Doug Farrar put it this way, "All reports indicate that the owners and players are on the one-yard line when it comes to ending the current lockout and bringing a new collective bargaining agreement and full season to fruition."

Hopefully this thing will end soon and the 2011-12 season will be saved.

So what's in store for the near future once the LOCKOUT ends?

Let's see--

AP Photo
1. Ray Lewis could sleep better at night knowing that the crime rate around the country won't go up as a result of the cancellation of the NFL season. That's a good thing. Gotta love Ray Lewis and his philanthropic way of thinking.

AP Photo
2. The never-lost-for-words Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison may have to "break bread" with Commissioner Roger Goodell and teammates Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall after throwing them under the bus in a recent magazine interview. The good news is, once the lockout is over, Harrison won't have SO MUCH time on his hands to brainstorm anymore outrages comments. Of course, as in every case when people stick their foot in their mouths, Harrison "apologized" for some of his comments. Hmmm? I know 90% of America doesn't give a rat's a** about Harrison's rantings but I wonder what's his opinion on teammate Hines Ward's recent DUI beef?

Sean Delonas/New York Post - click on image to view larger
3. Will the Philadelphia Eagles pursue the recently-released-from-prison Plaxico Burress? The story has gotten a lot of BUZZ recently as Burress told a Philadelphia radio station, playing with Eagles quarterback Michael Vick would be a "dream come true". The self-lobbyist got a word of encouragement from wide receiver DeSean Jackson who has publicly said he wants Plaxico to come on board. Hmmm? Is there a pattern developing with the Eagles? I hear Casey Anthony gets released from prison today, so will the Eagles pursue her also?

....And last but not least--

Walt Handelsman/NY Newsday
4. How will the New York Jets look this season? The Jets are the only team to play in the conference championship game the last two seasons in a row and many believe they are on the cusp of winning their first Super Bowl in 43 years. So what does head coach Rex Ryan have up his sleeves to get them over the AFC Championship Game hump? Or maybe he has something in his socks?


Let's end this friggin' LOCKOUT and let's play some football!

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