Sunday, July 10, 2011

Derek Jeter and David Price

The newest member of the 3000-hit Club, Derek Jeter, will forever be associated with the player who gave up his 3000th hit, David Price. And in more ways than one.

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Yesterday, Jeter hit a solo home run off of Price to become the 28th player in major-league history to amass 3000 hits. Coincidentally, the first hit Price ever gave up in the major leagues was a solo home run to, well, Derek Jeter. On September 14 2008, Price, the Tampa Bay Rays young phenom, made his major-league debut at the old Yankee Stadium and immediately surrendered a solo-home run to Jeter. It was also a milestone home run because it tied Jeter with the immortal Lou Gehrig for the most hits at the old Yankee Stadium.

Talk about coincidences.

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Other fun facts about Jeter's 3000th hit.
  • Jeter became the second player ever to hit a home run for his 3000th hit. Hall of Famer Wade Boggs was the other.
  • Jeter was also the second player ever to collect 5 hits on the day of his 3000th hit. Craig Biggio also accomplished the rare feat. In fact, only 4 players have accumulated, at least, 4 hits on their 3000th-hit day. Jeter and Biggio each collected 5 hits and George Brett and Tony Gwynn had 4 hits on their milestone day.
  • Jeter is the 11th player to get all 3000 hits while playing for one team.
  • Jeter was 8 days younger than all-time hits leader Pete Rose (4256 hits) when Rose got his 3000th hit.

I guess the logical question would be-- At 3003 hits, does Jeter have another 1253 hits left in him to pass Rose?

We'll see what his plans are when his contract expires after 2014, which by then he should be hovering around 3600 hits, if he stays healthy.

Stats courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau

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