Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Papi and Kevin Gregg Suspended For Brawl!

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Boston Red Sox slugger "Big Papi" David Ortiz and Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg have each been suspended 4 games for going to FISTICUFFS in the now-infamous 4-game series in Boston, between the Red Sox and the Orioles, to end the first half.

The Red Sox swept all four games from the Orioles but it was the extra-curricular activities that turned the event from a friendly baseball series to a rumble between rival gangs for bragging rights.

The bad blood started when Gregg threw two nasty inside pitches to Papi in Game 1. After the second pitch, Papi fired a wicked glare at Gregg and kinda made his way to the mound, yelling at Gregg. Both benches made their way to the top step of each dugout in case all hell broke loose. Nothing happened at this point as Papi was restrained and the at-bat continued. Gregg got Papi to hit a lazy pop-up and while Papi was running to first-base, Gregg apparently yelled something in his direction which infuriated him.

And that's when PANDEMONIUM broke loose as Papi charged the mound and started swinging at Gregg. The benches cleared and the ALL-OUT BRAWL was on!

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Gregg is appealing his suspension, saying, “He actually came out at me twice. I defended myself. To get the same time, suspension, I don’t agree with it. That’s why I am appealing it.”

In other words, in Gregg's mind, Papi drew FIRST BLOOD and should be penalized heavier. He might be right.

Also suspended were Orioles pitcher Mike Gonzalez (3 games) for throwing at Papi in the final game of the series and manager Buck Showalter got a one-game suspension. I guess Showalter got suspended for ordering the hit on Papi even though both benches had been warned.

Aside from the 4 suspensions, all kinds of fines were handed out to all those involved in the WWE-style FRACAS.

What a series! The only thing missing was Jerry "The King" Lawler and Michael Cole calling the action. Sheesh!

For the record, Big Papi did apologize the following day and there's no word yet on whether Papi is also appealing his suspension.

UPDATE: Today (7-15-11) it was reported that Big Papi will indeed appeal his suspension.


  1. Reminds me of the Reds-Cardinals bench-clearing fight last season.

  2. Love the pictures as always and you are really getting creative with the cartoons and the wrestling announcers was a classic great thought.

  3. @ Mike LOL, thanks. Yeah, I try to add some humor to this blogging thing at times. And yes, I'm a huge fan of those political cartoonists so I'm always checking out their work. And that's what makes it fun for me, knowing that others are enjoying my crazy way of thinking. Thanks again.

    @ collin Good point. Now that you mention it, it does bring back memories of that Reds-Cardinals fracas from last year.