Friday, June 3, 2011

What If King LeBron James Wins It All?

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I must say, I got a kick out of the CavsForMavs story that has gotten a lot of buzz lately.

In a nutshell: A LeBron James-hating Cleveland Cavaliers fan put up a Twitter account (@CavsForMavs) to show support to the Dallas Mavericks who are the only team left who can stop King LeBron James from winning the elusive NBA championship which he abandoned Cleveland for Miami in hopes of getting. Of course almost nobody in Cleveland, especially Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, want LeBron to achieve his goal, at least not this soon. The Mavericks made an incredible run in the last 5 minutes of Game 2 to win the game 95-93 and even The Finals at 1-1. So I'm sure lots of folks in Cleveland were breathing a sigh of relief after the Mavericks stunning comeback.

But what if LeBron wins a ring with the Heat on his first try? Would this be the worst dagger through the heart of a championship-thirsty city that hasn't won a title of any kind since 1964?

In my opinion-- NO!

I would probably rank it as the second worst dagger.

Here are the three worst daggers in my opinion--

3) Manny "Being Manny" Ramirez leaving the Indians and signing a monster contract with the Boston Red Sox is the third worst dagger. While in Cleveland, Ramirez helped the Indians get to the World Series in 1995 and 1997, only to lose BOTH times to the Atlanta Braves and the Florida Marlins, respectively. With the Red Sox, Ramirez won 2 championships (2004, 2007) and in 2004 was the first World Series MVP for the Red Sox since 1918-- 86 LONG and FRUSTRATING years for Boston were FINALLY put to rest.
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2) If and when King LeBron James wins the NBA championship is the second worst dagger. I'll bet Dan Gilbert a 100 bucks it'll happen before the Cavaliers win one.

1) But the worst of the worst has to be when the Cleveland Browns packed their bags and left for Baltimore. As the Baltimore Ravens they FINALLY won the ELUSIVE Super Bowl title in 2000 which the Browns came oh so close to reaching a couple of times. But unfortunately for the Browns the plays known as "The Drive" and "The Fumble" played a major roll in them not reaching the promised land until, of course, they did so in Baltimore.

By the way, I still believe the NFL owes every football fan an apology for insulting our intelligence when they tried to peddle the LAME EXCUSE that the Ravens were an expansion team and the Browns were only suspending operations for a few years. As far as I'm concerned the NEW Browns team was the expansion team and the old Browns team was the powerhouse that finally broke through and won a championship, unfortunately for Cleveland it happened in Baltimore. I mean, how dumb did the NFL think we were back then?

So this "LeBron thing" is nothing new for the city of Cleveland. Superstars have left in the past and won championships elsewhere. Heck, entire teams have left in the past and won championships elsewhere.

So even though I agree that "The Decision" and all that came with it was TASTELESS, it's time to "man up" and give LeBron his props. The man took his talents to South Beach and is achieving what he set out to achieve. Period!

....and it may happen this year.

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Unless of course, the man from Wurzburg, Germany has other ideas.


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  2. Just read it, Mike. Very FUNNY post!