Thursday, June 2, 2011

Indy 500: What a Bummer!

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I just finished reading yet another article about last Sunday's Indianapolis 500 and I still can't help feel sorry for 23-year old rookie J.R. Hildebrand. I've asked myself this question a thousand times in the last few days and it doesn't get old, "How in the world do you crash just inches away from the checkered flag?"

In Hildebrand's own words, "It's just a bummer!"

For those not familiar with this heartbreaking story-- Hildebrand was a few hundred yards away from a sure victory at the 100th running of the Indy 500 and astonishingly enough the impossible happened-- he CRASHED INTO THE WALL as he tried to pass a slower car that was in front of him. He tried to turn right and BAM! He slammed into the wall.

Veteran Dan Wheldon, who was in second place at the time, was able to seize the moment and win his second career Indy 500. Poor J.R. had to settle for second place as his severely damaged car was able to limp the few yards left and cross the finish line.

I just hope this nightmare finish doesn't define the young man's career, but until he wins Indy, it's hard to say it won't.


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