Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Boston Stranglers

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What a weekend for the mighty Boston Red Sox!

After sweeping the A's at Fenway Park and after sweeping the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, the Boys from Beantown took their talents further north to Toronto, Canada and completely annihilated the Blue Jays in a 3-game weekend sweep at the Rogers Centre (a.k.a. SkyDome) outscoring them by a whopping 35-6 margin.

With their 9-game winning streak the BoSox now hold the best record in the American League at 39-26 after their inexplicable slow start (0-6, 2-10) which was much to the delight of their legions of detractors. But now that the tides have changed, some fans in Red Sox Nation are so excited about this team that some are already keeping track of their magic number which I believe is at 98 right now. A little cockiness on their part? Maybe. But whether you like them or not, there is no denying the Red Sox are a lethal juggernaut with the potential to do major damage this year.

As an objective baseball fan all I can say is-- people don't have to like them BUT they have to respect them-- because they are GOOD. They are DAMN GOOD!

Here's the weekend that was for the machine from Boston (in pictures)--

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Friday: Boston 5 - Toronto 1

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Saturday: Boston 16 - Toronto 4

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Sunday: Boston 14 - Toronto 1

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....And some of their hitters (i.e. Carl Crawford) still haven't reached their full potential yet. Scary!

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