Friday, May 13, 2011

The Plight Of Kendrys Morales

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As the great story began--

Los Angeles Angels first baseman Kendrys Morales had a breakout year in 2009 with 34 HR and 108 RBI and was an integral part of the Angels' run to the 2009 ALCS. He was viewed as a savior to many Angels fans who felt dissed and betrayed when then-free agent Mark Teixeira turned his back on them and opted to sign with the New York Yankees. Morales' monster year quickly made them forget about Teixeira as a new star was born.

As the great story derailed--

Morales' success carried over into 2010-- until the dreaded day of May 29, 2010.

Up until that day, Morales was leading the team with 11 home runs and 39 RBI and was on his way to another superb year. Then came the MOST bizarre, bumbling, weirdo, bozo, (you name it) career-threatening injury in major league history. Morales broke his left ankle when he jumped on home plate celebrating a walk-off grand slam home run with his teammates. The injury was so severe that he was quickly DONE for the year. Bye Bye 2010. To this day he is yet to recover and now it's been announced that he is DONE for 2011 also. Morales and the Angels opted for more surgery as his rehabilitation program was going nowhere. Bye Bye 2011.

Oh those new baseball rituals!

To date, Morales has been the only victim of this school-yard type trend but if another player gets hurt in a future walk-off celebration, I guess we can start calling the ritual, "THE KENDRYS MORALES CURSE". Or "THE CURSE OF THE KENBINO"-- (no, that's too corny).

Personally, I have no problems with players celebrating after a dramatic win but I think they should all have Morales on the back of their minds when they do so because celebrating is one thing, careless over-celebrating is another. And in Morales' case there seemed to be an element of carelessness involved which has cost him and the Angels dearly. What a bummer!

Hmmm? I wonder if losing the 2009 ALCS to Teixeira and the Yankees had anything to do with Morales' BAD LUCK? Well, in baseball, we do believe in curses, don't we?

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