Thursday, May 12, 2011

The NBA Playoffs on TSC

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In a nutshell: The NBA Playoffs HAVE NOT been going my way thus far. Plain and simple!

Anyway, here are some odds and ends--

1. I predicted an NBA Finals' rematch between the 33-time champions Boston Celtics-Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers. The word on the street is-- that ain't gonna happen as the (combined) 3-time defending champions were beaten to a pulp, 8-1, by the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks, respectively. What a bummer!
2. Had I known Kevin Garnett was only going to show up to work once in this series, I would have never spent 10 months hyping up the so-called "Big 3 vs. New Big 3" showdown. WHAT HAPPENED?!
3. The No. 8 seed Memphis Grizzles could have easily taken a commanding 3-1 lead on the Oklahoma City Thunder but blew the opportunity in TRIPLE-OVERTIME in Game 4 and instead now trail the series 3-2. My take on that is, if we're still talking about a No. 8 seed at this point in the conversation then it's all good. So let's go easy on the Grizz!
4. Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls are now one win away from having their best post-Michael Jordan era playoff run. The only question remaining is--will they be able to STAND THE HEAT in the Eastern Conference Final? If not, then they'll have to get out of the kitchen. That simple!

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WHAT HAPPENED, BIG MAN?! {Shaking My Head}


  1. Niace blog you have here. As for your playoff predictions, I think everyone is surprised by the success of Memphis as i myself am a TN native and didn't see this run coming. I had a feeling that league was in transition with the bluebloods Boston and LA getting older and new starups like Miami and OKC coming for them. It will ber interesting to see how those two teams adjust their lineups and hit the market for new talent. Keep up the good work bro and check me out at Peace

  2. I think everyone may have overestimated the Celtics and the Lakers this year because of thier finals match last year. Miami is clicking at the right time and could as much as i hate it win the championship this year. Nice blog by the way I was reffered over by Mike K of Sportshistory365. If your by a computer tomorrow check out my online show on Blog talk radio @ The sportaholic radio show. Maybe you can call in and we can talk some NBA playoffs. Peace

  3. Hey, thanks for dropping by. Your blog looks great also. I look forward to reading more of your work as we move forward. As for the playoffs, I agree, our overestimation of the Lakers-Celtics was a carryover from last years finals and as much as I hate to say it too, Miami looks like the real deal.