Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The MLB on TSC: The Dog Days of May

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An old philosopher once said, "Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction". Nowhere is that ever more true than in major league baseball. I've always found it interesting how in baseball something DOESN'T happen for 70 to 100 years and then all of a sudden it happens.

Here are some head-scratching stats from the past few days :

1. Let's start with the talk of the day. The performance by Kansas City Royals reliever Vin "I Ain't Diesel" Mazzaro, who officially set the record for the worst pitching performance in major league history in a 19-1 massacre at the hands of the super red-hot Indians from the "LEBRON WHO?" city of Cleveland.

Mazzaro's Box Score: 2.1 IP, 11 H, 14 R, 14 ER, 3 BB, 1 HR, 22.74 ERA

Here is how ESPN and the Elias Sports Bureau summarized his nightmare performance: He was the FIRST pitcher in the Modern Era (since 1900) to allow as many as 14 runs in one game while pitching LESS than three innings. He was the first relief pitcher to allow 14 or more runs in a game since Tommy Warren of the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 30, 1944. He was only the fifth relief pitcher ever to allow 14 or more EARNED runs in one game. The last was Les McCrabb of the Philadelphia Athletics on April 16, 1942.

TSC's take on the massacre: Poor Vin. Shame on the Royals for leaving him in there to get tortured that way.

2. The Los Angeles Dodgers had an oddball game of their own this past week. The artists formerly known as the Brooklyn Robins lost a game to the Arizona Diamondbacks, 1-0, while only allowing 1 hit in the entire game. The last time the Dodgers lost such a game was on July 17, 1914 against the Chicago Cubs when they were, well, the Brooklyn Robins. To add insult to injury, the 1 run charged to hard-luck loser Chad Billingsley was unearned. Ouch!

3. The red-hot Tampa Bay Rays also did something that was last done by a descendant of the LA Dodgers. Last night, the Rays scored 6 runs in a home win against the "in the doldrums" New York Yankees, sending the Yankees to their 6th consecutive loss. The key to this weird phenomena is the 6 runs scored AT HOME by the Rays. It was the first time this season the Rays scored more than 5 runs at home snapping a 22-game (5 runs or less) home start. The last team to start a season with that many HOME GAMES with 5 runs or less were the 1908 Brooklyn Superbas, who began the season with 26 straight 5 runs or less HOME GAMES. The Superbas, of course, evolved into the Brooklyn Robins-Brooklyn Dodgers-Los Angeles Dodgers. Strange but true.

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For the record, the Yankees are a RISP nightmare. Wasn't that clutch-hitting Damon guy a Yankee once? Hmmm?

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