Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Fiesta Bowl Survives Despite Their Rap Sheet

The word "fiesta" is Spanish for PARTY. So if we translate the Fiesta Bowl into English it means the Party Bowl, right? Technically yes but never in our wildest dreams did we (the college football fans) think that the head honchos over at the so-called prestigious Fiesta Bowl were taking their name literally. However, according to reports, that's exactly what was going on in Arizona. The Fiesta Bowl, led by corrupt former CEO John Junker, was nothing more than ONE BIG PARTY.

But guess what? They got away with it.

This week the NCAA announced that the disgraced BCS bowl game will retain its license and be allowed to operate as a nonprofit organization. In other words, they only got a slap on the wrist for their scandalous behavior. For their misappropriate spending habits which included-- illegal donations to politicians and Junker spending lavishly on himself for birthday bashes filled with strippers and booze-- all the Fiesta Bowl had to do was apologize and promise to behave themselves in the future.

For all their misconduct the NCAA only slapped them with a one year probation and the BCS fined them $1 million. They will, however, remain one of the four major bowls which determine the national championship along with the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl. Scandal or no scandal, that's an honor which shouldn't have been granted to the Fiesta Bowl in the first place.

Since Day 1 (when the Bowl Alliance was created back in the '90s) I've said that the Cotton Bowl should have been one of the Big 4 bowls based on prestige and years of existence. But no, the Bowl Alliance HOSED the Cotton Bowl and gave the honor to the Fiesta Bowl.

The Fiesta Bowl has only been around since 1971, while the Cotton Bowl has been around since 1936. Only the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Sun Bowl are older. If anything, the Sun Bowl should have been considered over the Fiesta Bowl.

So once this embarrassing scandal broke out, I thought for sure the Fiesta Bowl was going to get stripped of their prestigious BCS-status and the Cotton Bowl was going to get what should have been rightfully theirs in the first place. But no. I guess, once again, the Cotton Bowl got hosed.

Who wouldn't want to watch the national title game on prime-time in the new state-of-the-art Cowboys Stadium, which is what we'll get (every 4 years) if the Cotton Bowl was part of the BCS?

On a more positive note, if you love sports trivia checkout the blog, Sports History 365, for some interesting brain-wracking trivia. Excellent stuff!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. Has there ever been an indepth report about the NCAA body representatives, who they are, when do they meet? Do they post minutes of their deliberations? Never really thought about it until now probably since all assume that they are as corrupt as our other overseers. At least with the government there is the "Freedom of Information Act". Yeah, it would be nice to see the game in Dallas. Gerry Jones must be pissed

  2. You're welcome Mike. And excellent point. There should be an in depth report but unfortunately the NCAA is a private institution as opposed to the government which is public so there not obligated to release any private information. But they should. Hopefully Jones would use his muscle when the current BCS contract expires in a couple of years (I believe) and Dallas and the Cotton Bowl will get their just due.