Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Cubs and Red Sox Party Like It's 1918

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What in the world were the Chicago Cubs doing in Fenway Park?

The Cubs weekend series against the Boston Red Sox was their first visit to Beantown since the 1918 World Series, which of course they lost 4-2.

We would think that in the 15 years of interleague play that major league baseball would have thought of this idea sooner. Guess not.

Anyway, like the 1918 World Series, the Cubs lost the 3-game series to the Red Sox, 2-1. In fact, their 1 win (a 9-3 victory) was their first REGULAR season win at Fenway Park since beating the Boston Braves 9-1 on May 24, 1915. Their last win of any kind came, of course, in the 1918 World Series when they won Game 5 at Fenway, 3-0. They went on to lose Game 6 by a 2-1 score and the series 4-2. I guess we can say the rest was history and I mean HISTORY with a capital everything-- 86 years later the Red Sox would FINALLY win their next World Series-- 103 years later and the Cubs are STILL waiting for their next championship. I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up. Sheesh!

If this weekend series accomplished anything is that (maybe, just maybe) we can finally put 1918 and all it's historical ramifications behind us. Well, at least the Red Sox can, the Cubs still have their own issues to worry about.

By the way, isn't David Ortiz kinda built like that Babe Ruth guy who won 2 games for Boston during the '18 World Series?

Sorry Billy Goat, I know I keep giving you jazz but you must be used to it by now.

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