Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alex Rodriguez and Mel Ott

A-Rod photo courtesy of Getty Images
New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is marching toward another monumental milestone in his career. A-Rod currently has 1853 RBI and at some point this season will become the 11th member of the exclusive 1900-RBI club. But to do so he first has to surpass the man who currently sits at No. 11, the immortal Mel Ott who has 1860 RBI.

Ott, who played his entire career with the New York Giants from 1926 to 1947, is truly one of the GREAT ONES of the game. He was a 12-time All-Star and a World Series champion in 1933. Aside from his 1860 RBI he was a career .304 hitter with 511 home runs, 2876 hits and 1859 runs scored. Ott made his major league debut at the tender age of 17 and went on to become the first National League player to surpass the 500-home run mark.

Ott was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1951.

So once A-Rod passes Ott it's off to 1900 where he will rub elbows with Hank Aaron (2297), Babe Ruth (2213), Cap Anson (2075), Barry Bonds (1996), Lou Gehrig (1995), Stan Musial (1951), Ty Cobb (1938), Jimmie Foxx (1922), Eddie Murray (1917) and Willie Mays (1903). All of these greats are in the Hall of Fame with the exception of, well, Barry Bonds. And we all know Bonds' story and the (potential) rude awakening that awaits him when he becomes Hall Of Fame-eligible in 2013.

If anything, once A-Rod gets to 1900, Bonds shouldn't feel like the only "black sheep" in this all-exclusive club made up of TRUE god-like immortals of the game. That is the harsh reality facing all members of the "PED Era". Sad to say.

But for now Mel Ott is on the clock for A-Rod.

Mel Ott stats and bio courtesy of and Wikipedia

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