Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trouble In The Land Of Ozzie!

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My oh my, where have you gone Bobby Jenks?

There is no doubt that the Chicago White Sox, as good as they are on paper, are in trouble. The White Sox (7-5) have the hitters, they have the starting pitching BUT they no longer have longtime closer Bobby Jenks.


The ChiSox closers by committee have been atrocious so far. They are the "proud" owners of a major league-leading 6 BLOWN SAVES and it has been ugly. REALLY UGLY! Matt Thornton has stunk it up as Jenks replacement (4 BLOWN SAVES), Chris Sale (1 BLOWN SAVE) AND Tony Pena (1 BLOWN SAVE) have not gotten it done either. They have blown small leads and they have blown large leads.

And what does all this mean? It means manager Ozzie Guillen is angry. VERY ANGRY. And we all know not to get Ozzie angry because we wouldn't like him when he's angry. Uh oh!

After yesterday's disastrous 7-4 loss to the Oakland A's, in which the bullpen blew a 4-1 lead in the ninth, a livid Ozzie said--

"When you got a bad bullpen that what happen. That's the third time it happen. I wish I know who I can bring in the nine. You know what I mean? Now we try everyone in one inning-- no more excuse. I'm going to Miami right now. I don't have any closer! I don't have any closer. I DON'T!" Getting angrier, he further said, "I might call Bobby Thigpen to help us. You know why? When we play good, they send those guys to this damn (interview) table and (you) talk to them like heroes. When we (mess) it up, I'm the one who has to (BLEEPING!) sit here and talk to you guys."


As we all know, Bobby Thigpen, now 47, was the White Sox dominant closer in the early '90s, who held a then-major league record 57 saves in 1990.

For the record, the White Sox refused to offer Bobby Jenks a contract and a disgruntled Jenks jumped ship as a free agent and joined the Boston Red Sox.

As for Ozzie-- Calm down amigo, you'll figure it out.

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