Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Thing Does His Thing

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Last night the Atlanta Braves got the best of The Human Torch Cliff Lee. They scored 6 runs off of Lee in 3.1 innings en route to a 6-3 win over the Philadelphia Phillies. It wasn't Lee's night, that's for sure.

But have no fear! With the Phillies Fantastic Four, the good news is, there is always another superhero due up to pick up the slack. Today, it was The Thing Roy Oswalt. Oswalt kept the Braves in check allowing only 2 runs (1 earned) in 6 innings as the Phillies won 10-2.

The moral of this post is two-fold. First, the Phillies highly criticized offense has scored 7+ runs in 5 out of their 8 games so far [9+ runs in 4 of the 8]. So much for this notion that the Phillies have great pitching but "no offense". Second, the Phillies are yet to lose 2 games in a row. I know it's early but this may be a microcosm of things to come-- Oswalt picking up after a Lee bad outing OR Lee picking up after a Halladay bad outing OR Hamels picking up after an Oswalt bad outing OR Halladay picking up after a Joe Blanton (remember him?) bad outing OR Blanton picking up after a Hamels bad outing, and so on. This just may be a common thing all year long. So the question is: How many times will the Phillies lose two or three in a row? Not many.


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