Friday, April 8, 2011

The Rays Need A Lifeboat

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In defense of the Boston Red Sox, they are not the only winless team in the major leagues as the defending AL East Champion Tampa Bay Rays are also 0-6. The difference however is that the Bosox paltry start gets a lot more press because everyone expected big things to happen in Beantown. Many predicted the Red Sox to do major damage in the American League and it still might and will happen.

As for the Rays, they are, more or less, where everyone outside of Tampa thought they would be-- losing games. With the gigantic exodus of key players from Tampa last off-season, the Rays were left severely wounded. I mean, the carnage that happened in Tampa was the biggest thing since, well, The Exodus. The only thing missing in Tampa's version of the big departure was Moses, his rod, and the tablets with the Ten Commandments. Sheesh, what a hemorrhage. Oh and by the way, the exodus from Tampa was, more or less, for the same reason the exodus happened in Egypt. It's not like the workers in Tampa were getting paid that much more than the workers in Egypt.

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Anyway, I'm still pulling for the Rays to have a respectable season (at least finish at .500) but with newcomers Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez going a repulsive 2 for 36 in the first 6 games, the Rays should be thankful they are only 0-6 and still in the major leagues. The franchise as a whole should have been sent back to Single-A with those kind of numbers.

Anyway, let me end this post! I just looked at the Rays batting statistics as a team (27 for 186, .145 BA) and I felt like barfing. Later!

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