Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Murderer's Row Watch

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The defending American League Champion Texas Rangers are 6-0. When asked about it second baseman Ian Kinsler said, "That's it. 6-0. There's nothing really else to say."

Ok Ian, let me take a stab at it--

Although I see Kinsler's point, I must say the Rangers look mighty impressive and mighty potent in the early going. Yes, there's still a whole lot of baseball left to be played but if this line-up stays healthy, all I have to say to American League pitchers is, "BEWARE!".

After 6 games the Rangers lead the major leagues, oh, in a few offensive categories. They are No. 1 in Runs Scored (35), Doubles (13), Triples (4), Home Runs (13), RBIs (34), SLG (.658) and OPS (1.016). And all that is with the "Great One" Josh Hamilton still homer-less. Nelson Cruz and Kinsler are providing the pop for now with 4 HR and 3 HR, respectively. So just imagine when Hamilton gets hot.

SCARY, to say the least. Watch out AL, the mighty Rangers are going to be fun to watch. No doubt!

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