Monday, April 4, 2011


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Three games down, 159 to go! The 2011 MLB season is in full throttle and at the point of no return. It's put up or shut up time for all 30 teams.

Here are more odds and ends:

1) The Fantastic Four proved to be too much for the Houston Astros. After throwing away a freebie against Mr. Fantastic Roy Halladay on Opening Day, the Astros got a lethal dose of The Human Torch Cliff Lee (1-0) and The Thing Roy Oswalt (1-0) who both kept the Astros hitters in check as the Philly offense did their thing. The Astros managed to escape Philly with only bruised egos and the satisfaction of knowing they went toe-to-toe with the great Halladay. It could've been worse. My advice to the rest of the NL: Don't throw away the games in which you've taken an edge on the phenomenon known as R2C2 because it can be painful the rest of the way. End result: Phillies sweep Astros. Oh, those BLOWN SAVES!
2) The New York Yankees are off to a good start at 2-1. CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett got the job done in the first two games, both won by the Yankees. However, Phil Hughes got hit with the kitchen sink in Game 3 giving up 5 runs in 4 innings as the Yankees would lose the game to the Tigers 10-7. The word in the street is that the young Hughes is having velocity problems as demonstrated in Sunday's beatdown. Hmmm? Shouldn't that be a Bartolo "Old Hag" Colon problem? So now we get into the Achilles heel of the Yankees rotation, which is and will be their question mark all season long, their 4th and 5th starters.
3) Murderer's Row is alive and well! The Texas Rangers scored 26 runs in their 3-game sweep of the Boston Red Sox, hitting 11 home runs AND batting .333 as a team AND slugging .775 as a team. Ian Kinsler became the first player in major league history to lead off the first two games of a season with a home run and along with Nelson Cruz hit 3 in the series. At this pace the Rangers will break the elusive 1000 run mark for the season by late August. Scary!
4) The Big Red Machine swept the Milwaukee Brewers who, like the Astros, gave away a freebie on Opening Day. For turning down the Game 1 donation the Reds came back in Games 2 and 3 and crucified the Brew Crew with monster pitching and strong hitting. Oh, those BLOWN SAVES!
5) For what it's worth, the Kansas City Royals are 3-1 and the Baltimore Orioles are 3-0. I guess it means that if they play .500 baseball the rest of the way they'll both have winning seasons. C'mon guys, ya can go 50/50 the rest of the way!

Anyway, baseball fever is in the air and I'm sure there are plenty more interesting things to come.

To be continued.......

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