Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Extra! Extra! The Great Mo Rivera Blows A Save!

Getty Images
It doesn't happen often but when it does it's newsworthy-- the great Mariano Rivera BLEW A SAVE.

Last night, Mo was handed the ball with a 5-3 lead in the bottom of the ninth inning against the Toronto Blue Jays, which usually means-- GAME OVER! Prior to last night, Mo had pitched in 9 games and had a spotless record. He was 1-0, 9.1 IP, 7 SAVES, 0.00 ERA for the season. But as it never fails, the law of averages will sooner or later catch up to you. Mo allowed 2 runs as the Blue Jays tied the game 5-5 handing Rivera his first BLOWN SAVE of the year. The Blue Jays would go on to win the game 6-5 on an RBI-double by Travis Snider in the bottom of the 10th inning.

After the game Mo simply said, “Going in there I had it in mind that everything was going to be fine. Today wasn’t a good day.”

It's that simple. Even the great Rivera can have an off night. For the record, as it stands, Mo has 566 career SAVES and only 68 career BLOWN SAVES. He's still money in the bank in 9 out of 10 save chances.


  1. I still remember him blosing the save in the 2001 World Series. It was statistically impossible if you factored in what he had been able to do all season. You know you're dominant when everytime you blow a save it's newsworthy.

  2. Yes Cleavie, good memory, that has to be his most memorable blown save. I still can't believe how it happened and in such a crucial game. I'm sure he'll never forget that one. But Mo is just incredible to watch. I love watching him pitch just to see if I get a rare glimpse at a blown save.