Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bonds Trial: Guilty For This, No Verdict For That, What Da?!

Jeff Parker-toons
What in the world happened at the Barry Bonds perjury trial?

Let me see if I got this straight-- the jury found him guilty of obstruction of justice because he told a grand jury he DID NOT knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs. But the jury couldn't reach a verdict on 3 other perjury beefs. What in the world is the difference? Can someone please explain this whole mess to me?


Bonds' "good friend" pharmacist (ooops, I meant trainer) Greg Anderson is rotting in jail because he refuses to "drop a dime" on his lifelong friend. Hmmmm? Now why would he do that? If Bonds is 100% innocent why not just roll up to court and tell the truth? I get the feeling this Anderson "cat" is a shady character who knows a whole lot of dirt, that's for sure. If I'm him I'd watch my back when released from the slammer because if there's one thing history has taught us is that knowing too much (sometimes) ain't a good thing. Word up!

Anyway, for Anderson's rap sheet go to this Wikipedia link. Yes folks, he has a Wikipedia page, although 90% of it is about his BALCO-steroids connection. Other than that I think they just mention his name and date of birth. Sheesh, talk about 15-minutes of fame. Although I must say, I feel bad for Anderson. This whole mess could drag on for a few more years, Bonds' 15 years of Hall of Fame eligibility are going to come and go without him even receiving an invite as a visitor and poor Greg may still be in the slammer. Boy oh boy, what else is there to say?

Oh I know--

For the record, the record-breaking 756th home run ball, which was purchased by mogul Marc Ecko for $752,467, is in the Hall of Fame BRANDED WITH AN ASTERISK. For those who aren't aware of what happened, Ecko held a vote and let the public decide what he should do with the ball and branding it with an asterisk won with 47% of the vote. So Ecko did just that and gave it to the Hall of Fame. To read more about it follow this link.

Bonds record-breaking 756th home run ball
When told about it, Bonds called Ecko's actions-- "stupid". Hmmm? That's like a rabbit telling a donkey he has long ears. SMH!

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