Friday, April 22, 2011

Are The Dodgers Falling Apart?

NY Daily News
The word on the street is that the Los Angeles Dodgers are in disarray. Well, at the ownership level that is because at the "team on the field" level, they are a decent 10-10 under new manager Don Mattingly.

Anyway, today I asked myself, "Do I really want to write a post about the mess the Dodgers' ownership is in? The same worn out story we've heard time and time again?" Quite frankly, NO! But since I'm here, I might as well throw in my quick two cents.

In a nutshell (as I understand it): Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has seized control of the troubled team's finances because owner Frank McCourt's life is a sloppy mess right now. McCourt is going through a bitter and messy divorce from his wife Jaime McCourt who owns 50% of the team. All kinds of allegations are flying around as this "battle of the spouses" has become soap opera central. Frank claims that Jamie cheated on him with her chauffeur. Jaime denies these allegations and so forth and on. You get the picture. The bottom line is, their ugly soap opera is bleeding over onto the team and Selig had to make a move. In short, MLB is going to run the show until the McCourts settle their beef and sell the team to somebody who will come in with no baggage or skeletons in his/her closet.

OK. I think I got it.

Here is my quick opinion: Quite frankly this same old story of bitter divorces is getting old and boring. I mean, it's the same old nonsense we've been hearing for generation after generation. My advice to Commissioner Selig is-- force the McCourts to sell the team and let them settle their differences away from the game because when we read the sports pages we want to see stats NOT drama.


Right now I'm staring out my window and I'm seeing the beautiful landscape of the Borough of Brooklyn, NY. Hey Commish, if you need a buyer look in the same direction I'm looking at because I'm sure the people of Brooklyn will take their team back with open arms. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

FINALLY, a word to Jay-Z: Hey dude, I could see the Marcy Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn from my window. Remember the good 'ole days when you were the king of those housing projects? And wouldn't a brand new stadium look great around the old Brooklyn Navy Yard area? Put your money into action and buy the Dodgers and bring them back home. You will be hailed as a God if you do so. Trust me!

Do it for "Willie, Mickey and The Duke" and of course, The Great Jackie.

That's all I gotta say!

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