Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Andre Ethier and Joe Torre

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Today, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier extended his hitting streak to 24 games which is a major league record for the month of April. Ethier, actually, set the record when his hitting streak reached 23 games, breaking the former record of 22 games, which was set by his former manager Joe Torre in 1971.

However, I must admit that at first I didn't think much of the record because back in the old days (during the 154-game season) the regular season didn't begin until mid to late April and teams just didn't play that many April games. In other words, nobody really had the opportunity to have long hitting streaks during the month because they just didn't play enough games. So, although I think a 24-game hitting streak is an impressive accomplishment, I didn't think much of the April-record thing because Ethier and all modern players have an unfair advantage over the old-school guys.

But once I found out that Ethier broke a record held by Torre, who managed Ethier for three seasons (2008-2010), I said, "what the heck"-- an Ethier-Torre connection is definitely worth writing about, or at least, it gave me an opportunity to post a nice picture of the two of them.

As for the hitting streak, someone let me know when Ethier approaches Joe DiMaggio country. Oh, I almost forgot, Joltin' Joe had a mind-boggling 56-game hitting streak which is considered by many (including myself) mathematically impossible to duplicate. Sorry Andre.

Or maybe Pete Rose's NL record of 44 in a row is more doable? I don't think so but GOOD LUCK with that one, Andre!

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