Sunday, April 10, 2011

The "Air" Apparent?

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CONGRATULATIONS to Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls on notching their 60th win of the season. The win was monumental in Bulls history because it marked the first time a non-Michael Jordan led Bulls team won 60 games. During the Jordan-era the Bulls won 60 or more games 5 times, each time winning the NBA Championship in the process. No Bulls team prior or after the Jordan-era had ever won 60 games until today.

So now it's the Derrick Rose-era and the Bulls (60-20) are on track to do huge things. They've already clinched home-field advantage throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs and with their 60th win are only one game behind the San Antonio Spurs for the best overall record in the NBA. It's been 13 long and frustrating seasons for the Bulls since Jordan's retirement but AT LAST it looks like their return to prominence has arrived and like Jordan before him, Rose is THE GUY.

Finally, I'm not comparing Derrick Rose or anyone else for that matter to the great Michael Jordan. Rose is great but Jordan was greater. To use a scientific analogy-- it is mathematically and scientifically impossible to compare anybody to Air Jordan because the laws of physics just won't allow it. Jordan is the greatest to ever play and nobody will ever come close, at least not in my lifetime. In other words, Jordan is to basketball what the speed of light is to the laws of physics. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light and nobody will ever be better than Jordan. Period.

But Derrick Rose is pretty darn good.

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