Friday, March 18, 2011

Morehead State Puts A Hurtin' On Dicky V!

There is no doubt the bracket-busting game of Day 1 in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was No. 13 Morehead State's stunning 62-61 victory over the No. 4 Louisville Cardinals. The Eagles never-quit attitude and toughness was living proof that, at the end of the day, anything is possible in this tournament and expert opinions get thrown out the window.

Personally, I had Louisville going to the Sweet 16 so my bracket was busted as well. However, so did everyone else in my pool so we all broke even there.

As for Mr. College Basketball himself, Dick Vitale, the Louisville loss put a dagger through the heart of his southwest bracket as Dicky V had the Cardinals going to the Final Four. Ouch! So much for the so-called experts.

As for the other Day 1 "upset", the No. 12 Richmond Spiders proved many experts right by defeating the No. 5 Vanderbilt Commodores. For the record, Dicky V did not get this one either. He took Vanderbilt. Double-ouch!

In the southeast bracket, many people (including Dicky V) jumped on the Belmont bandwagon which was being floated around (by the so-called experts) since the brackets were announced. The No. 13 Bruins became the bracket-busting darlings as the No. 4 Wisconsin Badgers were pretty much written off. I too, almost jumped the bandwagon but in the end stuck with Wisconsin. The Badgers have been good to me in prior pools so I stuck to my guns and decided to go down with the ship in the event the experts were to be correct. Not! Good work, Wisconsin! Belmont's 15 minutes of fame was short lived. Sorry Dicky V, you got that one wrong also. Triple-ouch!

So to summarize Dicky V's day: Already one of his Final Fours is OUT. Belmont didn't deliver for him (and to all other sleeper hunters for that matter) and Richmond, which did deliver, wasn't his choice.

Hope you have better luck today, Dicky V. We still love ya!

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