Sunday, March 6, 2011

Issuing A Statement!

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The Los Angeles Lakers have issued a statement and it reads: Lakers 99 - Spurs 83 at San Antonio.

So I guess this means the Lakers are back. Although personally, I never knew where they went.

But after losing 3 straight games to end the first half of the season, especially a "humiliating" loss to the lowly Cavaliers, many were writing them off. The chatter was: the Lakers need to make trades, they need to revamp the team, Ron Artest is a clown and he gotta go, Kobe is unhappy and blasé blasé. And then more blasé blasé.

And since the All-Star break all the Lakers have done is win 7 consecutive games, which culminated with their crushing defeat of San Antonio on their home turf, ending the Spurs team-record of 22 consecutive home wins. The blowout was a huge statement because the Spurs will most likely have home court advantage throughout the Western Conference playoffs, meaning the 2-time defending champion Lakers would have to go on the road in the conference finals. With today's Spurs-thrashing, the Lakers basically said, "NO PROBLEMO!".

In my opinion, the Spurs are going to have a hard time with the Lakers regardless of who has home court. When it comes to the elite teams, home court means "nada" because championship-caliber teams can win anywhere, anytime. The problem for the Spurs is that the Lakers have too much size and too much defense for them to handle. Period.

As for the much-talked about 3-game losing streak, which had everyone writing their obituaries, those are things that are going to happen during a long and exhausting season. No big deal. The loss at Orlando was understandable. The Magic after all are still an elite team. As for the losses at Charlotte and Cleveland? I could see how any great team would have a hard time getting up to play those teams. So of course, teams are going to be short on motivation in certain games against lesser teams. Besides, why should they exhaust all their energy trying to win every game when they're going to need it for the playoffs?

So to steal a line from the great LL Cool J, as far as the Lakers go, "don't call it a comeback, they've been here for years". Period.

Meanwhile, down in the Valley of the Kings--

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Chicago Bulls 87 - Miami Heat 86

After suffering their 4th consecutive loss in "collapsing" fashion, no doubt the Heat are in a funk. According to coach Erik Spoelstra, a few players were even crying in the locker room after the crushing loss to the Bulls. Oh brother! Quit whining Dwyane! Yes you feel like you are the team everyone loves to hate, but shouldn't you have anticipated this after the circus-like way you guys chose to come together? After the fiasco known as "The Decision" and the WWE-style rock concert ya held in Miami? After all that drama, you should have anticipated that anything less than 82-0 would be unacceptable by the media. No doubt.

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