Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Once again the hysteria called March Madness is upon us. For the next two weeks the annual NCAA Men's Basketball tournament will be the sports talk of the day as office pools all over the country dominate the conversation. I'm still working on mine as I try and steal some crucial first round points with some keen picks. Those 8-9 match-ups are tough calls, aren't they?

Anyway, as for the field itself, a few things caught my attention:

1. CONGRATS to the Northern Colorado Bears on making their first-ever appearance in the tournament. You would think after 72 years every school would have at least made one appearance by now, but no, every year there are always first-timers. Last year it was Wofford and Arkansas-Pine Bluff who made their March Madness debut. Congrats also to the Wofford Terriers on making it for a second year in a row.

2. For the second year in a row the Virginia Tech Hokies (21-11) got hosed and hosed big time. Joining them in the "HOSED" list are the Colorado Buffaloes (21-13) and the Alabama Crimson Tide (21-11). How these three schools, with way better records than most of the at-large teams, didn't make it is beyond me. Even the experts at ESPN spent Sunday night hammering the selection committee for screwing it up. To paraphrase Dick Vitale, "It was a travesty!"

3. BYU, Missouri, Xavier and Utah State all made the tournament. Why these four? They are the only schools with 20 or more appearances who have NEVER reached the Final Four; BYU (26), Missouri (25), Xavier (22), Utah State (20). Will this be the year any one of them gets off this unpleasant list? We'll see.

4. For the 21st year in a row the Oregon State Beavers fail to make the tournament. The last time the Beavers were in the big dance was in 1990 when they had a guy named Gary Payton running the show. Payton left the Beavers after that tournament and became the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA Draft and so began the doldrums for the Beavers. Who ever said one player doesn't make a difference?

Anyway, let me get back to brainstorming the brackets and hopefully win this sucker this year. Boy has Notre Dame caught my eye. Hmmm?

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