Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NBA Standings: Some Eye-Catching Numbers

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I have to admit, lately I haven't been watching too many NBA games and even took my eye off the ball for a little bit. But today I took the time to catch up on all the latest news and to scrutinized the all-important standings.

Here are some interesting numbers that caught my eye:

1. The Chicago Bulls are 33-14 (.702). Wow! It seems like the Bulls finally have themselves a solid and legitimate post-Michael Jordan era title-contending team. We are now 13 seasons removed from the final year of the Jordan-era (1997-98 NBA Champions) and, as everyone knows, it's been a tough and brutal journey for the Bulls since then. Chicago failed to make the playoffs in the first 6 post-Jordan seasons going a miserable 119-341 during that span. They have rebounded (somewhat) in the latter years where they have made the playoffs in 5 of the last 6 seasons even though it's been one round and out for the most part. They did manage to win a first-round playoff series in 2006-07 but were quickly eliminated in the second round by the Detroit Pistons. To date, that has been the only playoff-series win in the post-Jordan era. But is it still the "post-Jordan era" or has the statute of limitation run out on that phrase? After all we are 13 seasons removed from the days of "His Royal Airness" and the current Bulls team only has one holdover from the teams that began making semi-decent playoff appearances in 2004-05. The current team is built around 2008 No. 1 overall pick Derrick Rose, and sprinkled with lone holdover Luol Deng and first-year difference maker Carlos Boozer. So maybe this isn't the post-Jordan era anymore? Maybe this is more like the post-Elton Brand-Ron Artest-Marcus Fizer-Jamal Crawford-Tyson Chandler-Eddy Curry-Jay Williams-Kirk Hinrich-Ben Gordon era. Or is that phrase too long?

2. The LeBron-less Cleveland Cavaliers and the Bosh-less Toronto Raptors have combined to lose a whopping 33 consecutive games. Meanwhile, things are smoking down in the Valley of the Kings where the LeBron/Bosh-led Miami Heat are an impressive 34-14 (.708). Hmmm? Maybe Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert should change the name of his team from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Cleveland Langoliers because pretty soon he's going to be slowly ripping up his LeBron-bashing manifesto in a crazed state, รก la Bronson Pinchot in the Stephen King classic, The Langoliers.

Speaking of Bronson Pinchot-- let's take a look at one of those classic paper ripping scenes from The Langoliers. The Pinchot moment is toward the end of the clip, at the 4:29 mark:


3. The Washington Wizards are 0-25 on the road. With this kind of futility I think the Wizards are praying the Langoliers show up and chew away this season so they can start from scratch. My, oh my, where have you gone Gilbert "You Don't Need A Gun" Arenas? Anyway, for the record, the worst road start in NBA history is 0-29 by the 1992-93 Dallas Mavericks. And last but not least, if it makes Wizards fans feel any better-- their next road game is at Cleveland. Is it winnable? Well, if that one isn't than I don't know which is?!

Oh no! The Langoliers are coming!


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